Black Gold Birthday Party

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NewHome 201PCS Black Gold Birthday Party Supplies For 25 Guests Happy Birthday Disposable Dinnerware Set Paper Plates 9OZ Cups Straws Napkins Forks Knives Spo


A grand birthday party must have elegant dinnerware set to match with. Our 201pcs black and gold birthday dinnerware set, included plates, forks, spoons, knives, napkins, cups, straws and tablecloth, can serve 25 guests at one time. The black background of plates are printed with golden dots, triangles, balloons and “Happy Birthday” message in decorated letters, highlighted and classic elements add joyful and fancy atmosphere to your birthday. Made of recycled paper and food-grade plastic, these disposable birthday party supplies are safe, and after use, you can easily throw them away to save time and effort of laborious cleaning job. Choose our elegant disposable birthday dinnerware set so as to spend more time to enjoy happy moment with family and friends.


      • Serve For 25 Guests: Our birthday party dinnerware supplies contain 1pcs tablecloth for table protection, 25pcs dinner plate for vegetable, fruits and meal, 25pcs dessert plate for cakes, cookies, and pies, 25pcs 9oz cup with straw for juice and wine, 25pcs forks, spoons and knives for cutting and eating, and 25pcs napkins for cleaning mouth and hands when finishing meal. Total of 201pcs dinnerware set can serve 25 guests at one time and meet all the demands of birthday party meal.
      • Elegant Gold & Black Design: Scattered golden dots, triangles and balloons on the black background of plates, as well as printed with “Happy Birthday” message in decorated letters, those classic and highlighted elements bring joyful, fashionable and fancy atmosphere to your birthday party.
      • Safe Food-Grade Material: The plates, cups, straws and napkins are made of natural eco-friendly paper, high strength and durability can withstand hot and cold beverages well without worrying about easily tearing and breaking. And spoons, knives and forks are constructed by sturdy food-grade plastic, ensure your safety during use.(Please do not use those party dinnerware set in oven or microwave.)
      • More Time To Enjoy Your Party: Cleaning job has always being a headache after a pleasant party. That’s why our disposable dinnerware set is your best option for birthday party! You can just throw these recycled plates, cups, straws, or whatever, not only won’t cause any burdens to the environment, but also allow you to spend more time to enjoy the leisure time with your family and friends.
      • Perfect For All Occasions: Our 201pcs black and gold dinnerware set is suitable for cheering up various events and occasions, like baby shower, 1 year-old princess, coming-of-age ceremony, father birthday, and 21st,30th 40th,50th,60th,70th 80th birthday parties. Create your memorable birthday party with our gorgeous birthday party supplies.


Brand: NewHome
Product Type: Happy Birthday Black And Gold Disposable Dinnerware Set
Material: Paper, Plastic
Color: Black
Per Dinner Plate Size: 23x23x1cm/9x9x0.39in
Per Dinner Plate Weight: 13g/0.02lbs
Per Dessert Plate Size: 18x18x1cm/7x7x0.39in
Per Dessert Plate Weight: 8g/0.01lbs
Per 9OZ Cup Size: 7.5×7.5×8.5cm/2.95×2.95×3.34in
Per 9OZ Cup Weight: 6g/0.01lbs
Per Knife Size: 1.5x17cm/0.59×6.69in
Per Knife Weight: 3g/0.006lbs
Per Fork Size: 2.5×15.5cm/0.98×6.1in
Per Fork Weight: 4g/0.008lbs
Per Spoon Size: 3x15cm/1.18×5.91in
Per Spoon Weight: 3g/0.006lbs
Per Napkin Size: 16.5×16.5cm/6.49×6.49in
Per Straw Length: 19.5cm/7.67in
Table Cloth Size: 137x274cm/53.93×107.87in
Table Cloth Weight: 100g/0.22lbs
Package Size: 28*25*10cm/11.02×9.84×3.93in
Package Weight: 1071g/2.36lbs


25x Dinner Plates
25x Dessert Plates
25x 9OZ Cups
25x Straws
25x Forks
25x Spoons
25x Knives
25x Hand Napkins
1x Table Cloth


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