Dual Door Rat Trap


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iMountek Dual Door Rat Trap Cage Humane Live Rodent Dense Mesh Trap Cage Zinc Electroplating Mice Mouse Control Bait Catch with 2 Detachable U Shaped Rod.


This is a sturdy and fantastic humane mouse or critter trap. You set the trap from the outside of the cage. Then drop some sunflower seeds through the top of the cage without having to put your hands inside no matter when used indoor or outdoor, or bait it with snacks attractant to trap voles, squirrels, chipmunks, mice, rats, weasels and other similar size animals. Additional latch followed by gravity once triggering completely prevents captive animals from escaping from the door. It is also easy to set the target caught animal free just by re-setting the trap. All sets in seconds. Dual door trap can catch dual mice simultaneously.


    • *HIGH SENSITIVITY GRAVITY PEDAL: Door will be auto-locked immediately when small rodent animal step into cage trap and touched the pedal slightly.
    • *NOT EASY TO ESCAPE DESIGN: Lightweight cage, small mesh openings and door locked tightly ensure the trapped rodent animals no way to escape easily,constructed of sturdy zinc electroplating for maximum resistance to rust and corrosion. Dual doors improve the efficiency of catching rat and time saving.
    • *SAFETY & NON-TOXIC: Can be used with any sweet-smelling and tasty baits, safe for people and pets, effective reduce mouse population around your house, farm, back yard, restaurant, hotel, office, garage and so on.
    • *HUMANE ANIMAL TRAP: To solve your small rodents, mouse, rats, voles, chipmunks harassed problem. It does not kill or injure captured animal, release any animals caught unintentionally.
    • *EASY TO USE: Sets up in seconds, can be used indoors or outdoors. Constructed of sturdy materials, lightweight but durable to last longer without rust and corrosion issue.
      • Friendly Reminder:
      • 1.You can catch the mouse by opening one door or dual door. Both options are working. It depends on you.
    • 2.Be careful when using this mouse trap.
  • Brand: iMounTEK
  • Product Type: Dual Door Humane Rat Trap
  • Material: Zinc Electroplating
  • Applicable Area: 20㎡/215sq.ft
  • Per Door Size: 14x11cm/5.51×4.33in
  • U Shaped Rod Size: 10.6x15x0.3cm/4.17×5.9×0.11in
  • Item Size without U Shaped Rod Inserted: 42×15.5x11cm/16.53×6.1×4.33in
  • Item Weight with U Shaped Rod: 0.55kg/1.21lbs
    Package Size: 44x16x13cm/17.32×6.29×5.11in
    Package Weight: 761g/1.68lbs



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