Electric Rechargeable Knee Massager

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iMountek Electric Rechargeable Knee Massager Infrared Heat Pain Relief Therapy Knee Brace Wrap with Air Pressure Kneading Timer Temperature Adjustment.


Our knee massager brings you a deep relief after a long day desk work or study. Provides you a deep relax at home with this heating knee massager. The knee joint is the most problematic part of the lower limbs. As we get older, there will be some problems with knee. Insist on using our knee massager, which can prevent the degeneration of lower limbs. Featured with 3 massage modes, infrared therapeutic, heating temperature adjustments and timing function, controlled through button and 2.95in HD screen provides much convenience. Cordless and rechargeable knee massager brings much mobility and great companion for your travel. The strap can be adjusted according to different sizes of men’s leg.


    • *Great Knee Pain Solution: Our multi-functional knee massager is designed to relief soreness, osteoarthritis and discomfort for anyone suffering from any type of knee issues. The built-in air bag kneading equipment, multi-frequency vibration and heating pads which with an adjustable temperature between 113℉ to 131℉ are designed to ease stiffness and boost circulation.
    • *Infrared Heating & 3 Massage Functions: The 20Pcs infrared red lights deliver safe therapeutic nature red lights and it can penetrate deep into the tissue, joints and organs. The infrared heat improves the blood flow and circulation of the target area, encouraging muscles and damaged tissue to heel. Around the knee gather the combined points of the liver, spleen, kidney, gallbladder, bladder and stomach meridian. Air pressure massage is inflated and deflated to simulate kneading massage. It plays a role in maintaining health by kneading and squeezing the muscles and acupoints around the knee. It recommends wear less clothes to use this function.
    • *Considerate Massager: 2.95in HD screen control panel that allows you to switch the heat and vibration settings separately, also the 3 intensity levels and 15/20/25/30min timing during your using, thereby fine tuning your massage experience. The heating and massage modes can either be used independently or concurrently, which is another thoughtful idea.
    • *Rechargeable & Portable Knee Massager: Come with 2600mAh USB rechargeable battery (USB cable included), this knee massage machine is perfectly suitable and portable for traveling. 13.38in Adjustable strap provides a full and secure wrap fits around your knee.
  • *Great Gifts: This delicate wearable knee massager is not only an ideal solution for your knees, but can be also applied to your other parts like elbows or shoulders. In addition, more attention is needed in your daily life to the protection of the knee joint. With this knee massager twice a day, once 15-30 minutes, away from knee pain issues. Great gifts for sport lovers, elders and yourselves.
    • Friendly Reminder:
    • 1.Long pressing the switch Button won’t turn on the machine when charging, keep you and your device safe.
    • 2.It is better to use it continuously for no more than 30Min each times.
    • 3.The battery icon of the display screen runs in three grid progress bar which represents charging and current power The quantity is less than 33%; 33% charge completed, the first progress bar is always on, and the other two progress bars are running Move; 66% charging is completed, the first and second grid progress bars are always on, and the third grid flashes; When the charging is completed, the three grid progress bar is always on.
    • 4.Patients with acute swelling or bleeding of the knee should consult a doctor before use.
    • 5.Patients with rheumatoid arthritis should consult a doctor before use.
    • 6.Patients suspected of edema, bacterial infection and other special inflammation caused by acute trauma should consult a doctor before use.
    • 7.It is forbidden to use it for pregnant women, infants and children, patients with skin perception disorders or skin abnormalities.
    • 8.This product is designed as a household electronic product and is not suitable for diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
    • 9.Please stop using the product immediately when the pain increases after use.
    • 10.In case of any fault, ask professional technicians for maintenance.
    • 11.Please use a fine soft brush or clean cloth with water or neutral detergent to wring it out and then clean it.
  • 12.Never g to seep during the use of this product (risk of burns).

    • Brand: iMounTEK
    • Product Type: Knee Massager
    • Color: White
    • Materials: ABS; Carbon Fiber
    • Power: 5W
    • Input: 5V/1A
    • Battery: 2600mah Rechargeable Lithium Battery
    • Fully Charged Time: 3Hrs
    • Runtime: 1-1.5Hrs
    • Noise: 65dB
    • Timing: 15/20/25/30 Min
    • Intensity: Level 1-Level 2-Level 3
    • Heating Levels: H1-H2-H3-HF[Low Level:45℃/113°F;50℃/122°F;55℃/131°F ]
    • Massager Mode: P1[Vibration-Air Pressure-Heating]; P2[Vibration];P3[Air Pressure]
    • Infrared Light Quantity: 20Pcs
    • HD Screen Size: 7.5cm/2.95in
    • Wrap Brace Length: 34cm/13.38in
    • Wrap Brace Diameter: 18cm/7.08in
    • Charging Cable Length: 59cm/23.23in
    • Massager Size: 18×23.5x12cm/7.08×9.25×4.72in
    • Massager Weight: 594g/1.31lbs
    • Package Size: 28x20x13cm/11.02×7.87×5.11in
    • Package Weight: 830g/1.83 lbs



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