iMountek Infrared Red Light Therapy

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iMountek Infrared Red Light Therapy Wrap 660nm LED Red Light 850nm Near Infrared Light Wearable Flexible Deep Therapy Light Belt for Muscle Pain Relief.


For those with sports injuries, stiff necks, muscular aches, and strains, our red light treatment wrap is a cost-effective and useful option. Use 15 pieces of LED lighting; 9 pieces of 660 nm red light may successfully increase cell metabolism and blood flow; and 9 pieces of 850 nm infrared light can ease pain and ease tense muscles. Depending on the circumstances, you may choose between four distinct working modes with varying setup timeframes. Your comfort is enhanced by the soft, skin-friendly belt’s excellent flexibility and breathability. Ideal present for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Thanksgiving.


  • Use 15 LED lights for professional light therapy, 9 of which should be 660 nm red light and 6 of which should be 850 nm invisible infrared light. While invisible 850nm infrared light may deeply enter the skin’s epidermis and alleviate discomfort and decrease muscular tension, visible red light can efficiently speed up blood circulation and cell metabolism to rejuvenate your damaged skin.
  • Four Modifiable Operating Modes: This red light treatment offers four operating modes with varying time settings. You may modify the output from 100%/70%/50%/100% 10hz based on your individual skin issues. Additionally, if you fail to turn it off while you’re sleeping, it will automatically shut down to prevent harm.
  • Wearable & Flexible Belt: This belt has an ergonomic one-piece construction that makes it more easier to wear and fits your head precisely. It is also soft, flexible, and skin-friendly. Savor your at-home personal treatment!
  • Simple to usage: Compact and lightweight, ideal for usage at home, at work, or on the go. You may enjoy this red light therapy wrap while reading, working, playing, driving, or doing chores since it is simple to use with only one button.
  • Perfect Gift: The deep therapeutic light belt may be applied to the chin, arm, ankle, hand, foot, and leg. A perfect present for senior citizens and white-collar professionals with sports injuries, stiff necks, muscular aches, and other ailments


Brand: iMounTEK
Product Type: Red & Infrared Light Therapy Wrap
Material: Nylon
Color: Black
LED Light: 9Pcs 660nm Red Light Beads, 6Pcs 850nm Infrared Light Beads
Working Mode: 4 Gears (100%/70%/50%/100% 10hz Output)
USB Charging Cable Length:150cm/59.05in
Item Size:73×8.8×0.7cm/28.74×3.46×0.27in
Item Weight: 80g/0.17lbs
Package Size: 16*9*5cm/6.29×3.54×1.96in
Package Weight: 185g/0.4lbs


1x Red Light Therapy Wrap
1x US Power Adapter
1x USB Cable
1x User Manual




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