iNova 2000W Double Electric Burner

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iNova 2000W Double Electric Burner Portable Dual Counter Stove Countertop Hot Plate Kitchen Cooker Stove with 5 Gear Temperature Control.


Is your cooking space compromised? Our Portable Double Hot Plate can save your space and give you mighty 2000W capacity to ensure maximum heat for quick heating with 5 temperature gears. Compact size allows it to be used in dorms, offices, or even carry for travel. Perfect for boiling water, reheating sauces, making soups to meet your daily needs!


    • Heat Quickly & Evenly: Equipped with double 6in burning plates and powered by 2000W of powerful power, it heats up quickly and cooks food evenly without any hot or cold spots.
    • 5 Power Levels: With 1-5 heating temperature adjustment, easily meet your daily cooking needs, such as boiling water, reheating sauces, making soups, frying steak, cooking pasta, grilling cheese and vegetables, etc.. Independent adjustable thermostat controls and indicator lights for convenient operation.
    • Safe Using & Easy Cleaning: With safety overheat protection, automatic safety cut off. Just simply wipe the non-electrical parts with a damp sponge or wet cloth for easy cleaning after cooling down completely.
    • Wide Compatibility: The burner can be used with any flat-bottomed cookware made of a variety of materials, such as frying pans, woks or stovetop teapots made from aluminum, stainless steel, iron or glass. Note: May heat ceramic pot very slowly.
  • Compact Design: With compact design of 16.93×8.27×2.56in, occupies small space, perfect use in student dorms, offices, campsites, RVs and home. Also ideal for travel using.
    • Warm Tips:
    • 1. When cooking, someone’s better look at it.
    • 2. Do not touch the surface of the heating pan during heating.
    • 3. Do not immerse the hot plate into the water or other liquids.
    • 4. The hot plate is to heat food, when cooking food the container should be on the heating plate.
    • 5. When the hot plate is not in use, be sure to adjust the switch to the “off” position and unplug the plug.
    • 6. When using the hot plate for the first time, it should be adjusted to the third level for 3-5 minutes to evaporate the protective film of the furnace surface. At this time, there may be a small amount of smoke emitted, which is normal. It won\’t happen when use next time.
    • 7. The utensils placed on the hot plate must have a smooth bottom and a diameter that matches the size of the hot plate.
    • 8. If the size of the cooking vessel chassis is smaller than the size of the electric heating plate, it will affect the normal heating area of the heating plate.
    • 9. If the bottom of the vessel is not flat, it can’t be used with the concave and convex situation.
    • 10. When using, do not place other sundries within 30cm/11.81in around the hot plate to prevent blockage and ventilation.
    • Over-Heating Protection:
    • When reaches the corresponding max temperature, the Hot Plate will auto cut off electricity and the indicator will turn off, too. After it cools down and works again, the indicator will turn on again.
    • * For first gear: ≥160℃/320℉
    • * For second gear: ≥280℃/536℉
    • * For third gear: ≥420℃/788℉
    • * For fourth gear: ≥560℃/1040℉
    • * For fifth gear: ≥600℃/1112℉
  • * The hot plate can reach up to 500℃/932℉

    • Brand: iNOVA
    • Product Type: Double Hot Plate
    • Color: White
    • Material: Cast Iron
    • Plug Available: US/UK Plug
    • US Plug Voltage: 110V
    • UK Plug Voltage: 220V
    • Power: 1000W+1000W
    • Frequency: 50Hz
    • Number of Burners: 2Pcs
    • Per Plate Weight Capacity: 12kg/26.45lbs (Total 24kg/52.91lbs)
    • Temperature Adjustment: 5 Gears
    • Burning Plate Diameter: 15cm/6in
    • Plug Cord Length: 55cm/21.65in
    • Item Size: 43*21*6.5cm/16.93*8.27*2.56in
    • Item Weight: 2.2kg/4.85lbs
    • Package Size: 47.5*28*9cm/18.7×11.02×3.54in
    • Package Weight: 2375g/5.23lbs



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