Universal Car HUD GPS Head up Display Speedometer

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iMountek Universal Car HUD GPS Head up Display Speedometer Odometer with Acceleration Time Compass Altitude Driving Distance Over Speed Alarm HD LED Display fo.


Keeping an eye on the gauges in a vehicle isn\’t the most dangerous thing you can do while driving, but it does create increased risk. Anytime you deviate from watching the road, you may miss something important or dangerous to react towards. This car HUD tries to minimize this risk by displaying the information on a HD screen, which is more in line with the road itself. The device provides important information such as real time, speed, altitude, mileage, quantity of satellites, driving time, and so on. It also gives an alarm for over speed or fatigue driving.


    • GPS HUD: This device displays all important data on HD LED display in line with the road. It minimizes the risk of taking your eyes off road while driving for maximum safety. Equipped with GPS and Beidou dual chip mode, it’s able to provide a wide range of important car data including driving speed (km/h or MPH), driving direction, altitude, mileage, quantity of satellites, driving time, acceleration time per 100km, and real time smoothly and accurately with no latency.
    • Safety Enhancement: It contains anti-fatigue reminder and speeding alarm to enhance safety. Just set this alarm to easily monitor driving time and speed so that you can take breaks and slowing down in time.
    • HD Screen: Its lattice screen solves glare-related problems and supports both automatic brightness adjustment and manual adjustment to increase visibility in different conditions, ideal for all day long driving.
    • Auto Shut off: The device automatically shuts off when you switch off the engine of your vehicle, thus preserving the car battery.
  • Wide Application: Plug and play. Powered by USB cable, it’s compatible with all car models on the market.

Brand: iMounTEK
Product Type: GPS Head Up Display
Color: Black
Material: ABS
Working Voltage: DC 5V
Screen: 5.5in LED Lattice Screen
USB Cable Length: 240cm/7.9ft
Head Up Display Size: 16.8*4.3*4.3cm/6.6*1.7*1.7in
Head Up Display Weight: 78g/0.2lbs
Package Size: 17*7.5*6cm/6.69*2.95*2.36in
Package Weight: 173g/0.38 lbs


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