Ear Wax Water Flush Machine

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imountek Ear Wax Water Flush Machine Ear Flusher for Adults Ear Washer Electric Ear Wax Removal Kit with 3 Modes 6 Ear Tips IPX7 Waterproof USB Rechargeable


Always feels like there is endless ear wax in the ears? Try our electric ear wax removal kit! Boasting 3 modes with different pressures, our ear wax water flush machine helps remove the earwax with precision and comfort, suitable for adults with sensitive ears and toughest build-up earwax. We offer a 300ml/10Oz water reservoir for single time ear wash and 6 soft silicone tips that provide a gentle cleaning sensation. IPX7 waterproof and USB rechargeable. A perfect ear wax removal solution that keep your ears clean and healthy!


    • 3 Pressure Modes: Featured with 3 modes(High Pressure/Medium Pressure/Low Pressure), our ear wax water flush machine can realize automatic ear wax removal and remove the earwax with precision and comfort. Also tailor different water pressures(70Kpa/40Kpa/20Kpa) for each mode, suitable for adults with sensitive ears and toughest build-up earwax. Start with Soft Mode and switch mode with higher pressure untill you feel comfortable in Soft Mode.
    • Safe & Effective: Our electric ear washer provides an efficient and safe way to keep your ears clean and healthy. Also comes with 6 soft silicone tips that provide a gentle cleaning sensation without causing discomfort or damage to your ears.Tilt your head to the right when cleaning your right ear, and to the left when cleaning your left ear, letting the water and wax out. After cleaning, tilt your head to the left and gently shake your earlobe, and repeat for your right ear, so that thereis no water in your ears.
    • IPX7 Waterproof Design: Our ear flusher boasts excellent IPX7 waterproof performance, which allows you to use this electric ear wax removal kit in the shower, an ideal ear wax removal solution in daily life! Also offer a water disposal basin to catch water drips that flows out from ear. Note: remember to keep the charging port sealed tight during use.
    • USB Rechargeable Ear Washer: Our waterproof ear wax removal tool is USB rechargeable and builds 1200mAh battery that can work for 4 hours continuously after 2 hours’ charging. We also provide a 300ml/10Oz water reservoir specially designed for single time ear wash so that you don’t have to refill water frequently.
  • Easy To Use: First, press hard to connect the water reservoir with the earwax washer and rotate for firm fixation on power-off status. Second, install the sprayer nozzle and ear tip. Third, long press the power button to turn on the powered ear wax remover. Fourth, short press the mode button to switch appropriate mode. Fifth, short press the power button to start ear flushing and the penultimate indicator will become bright. If you finish ear washing, you can short press the power button to pause or long press it to turn off.
    • Friendly Reminder:
    • 1. Only advise adults to use this Electric Ear Washer, not suitable for children under 15 years old.
    • 2. Always use Warm Water, approximately body temperature 37℃/98℉. The cold water may cause dizziness.
    • 3. Before use, please press hard to install the water reservoir and rotate for firm fixation on power-off status in case of electric shock or water leakage.
    • 4. Consult your doctor before use if you have a pre-existing ear condition.
    • 5. DO NOT USE it if your have tympanostomy tubes, ear surgery, perforated eardrum or ear infection.
    • 6. Stop using this ear washer if irritation, bleeding or other trauma to the ear canal occurs.
    • 7. You may experience loud sounds and pressure during use. This is expected and normal. But if you feel painful during use, please stop immediately and consult a physician.
    • 8. Please keep this Ear Washer out of reach from children.
  • 9. Please do not soak the main machine in water.

    • Brand: iMounTEK
    • Product Type: Electric Ear Washer
    • Color: Black
    • Material: ABS+Silicone
    • Built-in Battery: 1Pc 1200mAh Rechargeable Battery(Battery is not for individual sale)
    • Input Current: 1A
    • 3 Modes: Strong, Normal, Soft
    • Water Pressure: *High Pressure Mode: 70Kpa *Medium Pressure Mode: 40Kpa *Low Pressure Mode: 20Kpa
    • Indicators: Strong, Normal, Soft, Start Flushing, Battery Status(Top to Bottom)
    • Charging Time: 2Hrs
    • Runtime: 4Hrs(Continous Use)
    • Waterproof Level: IPX7
    • Ear Tip Holes: 3 Holes
    • Water Reservoir Capacity: 300ml/10Oz
    • Charging Cable Length: 60cm/23.6in
    • Water Disposal Basin Size: 6.5×6.5×6.5cm/2.56×2.56×2.56in
    • Assembled Item Size: 5×11.3×23.3cm/1.97×4.45×9.17in
    • Assembled Item Weight: 281g/0.62 lbs
    • Package Size: 26*11*8cm/10.23×4.33×3.15in
    • Package Weight: 464g/1.02 lbs


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